About Corporate history

iCustomer was developed by Marketcom, a Melbourne-based contact centre provider with over 100 seats in response to its own need for an integrated solution that could handle a wide variety of outbound and in bound campaigns and enable it to deliver a high level of service and flexibility to its clients.

The solution would need to lower training and set up costs as well as improve the effectiveness of sales outcomes. The offerings in the market at that time were not able to provide this - a situation that has not changed significantly today.

Allied to this is the growing demand by contact centre clients to have on-line real time access to the data as campaigns are being undertaken so that results can be monitored closely and fine tuning can be affected quickly.

Over the past 3 years a number of clients introduced to the iCustomer platform through working with the contact centre have adopted it as their own in house customer and sales management solution.

In 2007 iCustomer Solutions was incorporated into a stand alone entity with the sole purpose of developing the platform further and marketing it to the global market.